Thanks to Brother Patrick Murphy for maintaining this list of departed and for the many obituaries that he has provided.
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Geno Olechnowicz 10/09/1936 - 09/29/09
William E. Boiani 6/8/1943 - 12/22/2007
Peter M. O'Neill 06/25/2004
Wayne L. Krous 05/19/20027
Arthur J. Dias 08/23/1998
Ralph T. DeFelice 04/28/1997
J. Clifford Chase 01/07/1994
Anthony L. Pennachi 05/01/1993
Russell E. Siebens 05/12/1989
Will M. Douglas 08/233/1987
William Brazill 10/05/1980
Axel P. Abrahansen 03/21/1974
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