2010 National AOH/LAOH Convention

The bi-annual AOH National Convention is being held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio from July 7 -11. Complete information is available on the AOH National site: www.aoh.com or at the convention site: http://www.hibernians2010.com

Saturday, May 15, was the deadline to receive a discounted registration package of $195.00 for all dinner, socials, etc. Additionally, the hotel room rate is $135.00 per night up to 4 persons sharing a room.

Airline rates have been changing daily with rates as low as $277.90 to a high of $497.00. The best rates are from Boston to Cincinnati, flying Providence to Cincinnati higher.

We had to submit all the names of our attendees to the National Secretary by June 1, 2010.

Rhode Island has 25 delegates available that can vote on key issues impacting our organization. Currently, we have 17 brothers that have indicated they will attend.

If you are planning on attending let me know ASAP. Questions call Rick O'Neill 845-5384 or 847-9122