Hibernian Hall Brick Drive - order form

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PHASE I of the AOH exterior renovation and debt reduction campaign included the sale, engraving and installation of a brick walkway leading up to the front door. This initial phase was completed in Fall of 2005. Click here to see the walk. Click here to see the bricks.


There are still blank bricks waiting to be engraved. Don't be left out! Be part of PHASE II of the AOH exterior renovation and debt reduction campaign.

The cost of a brick is $175.00. During June 2017 the special price is $100!

Bricks will be engraved and installed this summer. Please fill out the form below. Make checks payable to the AOH and staple check to your application. All of the proceeds after costs from this campaign go directly to debt reduction.

You can print this form by clicking on the upper right corner. When you have completed the form, the form and your check to:

Debt Reduction Committee
c/o Charlie Burns - Treasurer
AOH Division #1
2 Wellington Avenue
Newport, RI 02840.

Donor Information: Name __________________________________________________________________________

Address of Donor ________________________________________________________________

Phone Number of Donor ___________________________________________________________

Engravement Information:

Name on Brick  [first, middle initial, last] ____________________________________________________

Life span  [if in memoriam] ________________________

Was this person an AOH member?  Yes  or  No

Bricks will be randomly installed leading up to the front door of the hall.

Call Peter Martin at 401-924-2402, with any questions or ideas.